Monday, April 28, 2008

We recently heard about a documentary being made by a company called Anthracite films. The documentary called "Radio Changed America." the director of the documentary Michael Kacey appeared on The John Corby Show on 610 WTVN. The show had callers asking if he ahd coverage of the Crosley brothers in the show. Rusty McClure the grandson of Lewis Crosley is going to appear on The John Croby show on june 12th, 2008 to talk about how Powel and Lewis crosleys father influenced their lives.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It has been close to 15 months since the Crosley book came out. It has been a huge success - A New York Times best seller. The brothers Powel and Lewis sure knew how to sell because they were able to do it even 60 years later.
I got involved with the book during Fall 2007 and the common thread of conversation I heard at every speaking engagement by Rusty McClure was "This is a great book. It needs to be made in to a movie".
The Crosley brothers did so much in their lifetime that it would take more than 3 hours to chronicle their achievements. It would also take an exceptionally skilled screenplay writer to decide which part to leave out as all parts are equally good. We decided to create this blog to allow readers who have read the book voice their opinion on why the story of the brothers should be made in to a movie. We hope that your opinions will help the story of the brothers be told on a larger scale.
Also we are going to try and publish all the pictures from the billboards, the kiosk at the Kenwood mall. Anybody is welcome to send pictures in of Crosley products and we will post them on the blog for people to view.